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Styrenics and sustainability

We create chemistry for a sustainable future. Sustainability is one of the key topics of the BASF corporate strategy and includes all elements from the value-added chain and production to recyling. The Circular Economy of the polystyrene applications Styropor®, Neopor® and Styrodur® reflects these efforts of the BASF and shows how sustainable packaging and sustainable construction can work. 



Sustainable construction

The polystyrene insulation materials Neopor® and Styrodur® from BASF reduce CO2 emissions and save valuable resources. Moreover, innovative approaches from raw material production to recycling offer a holistically sustainable life cycle. 


Sustainable packaging

BASF offers various polystrene based products to the packaging industry and is pursuing a variety of solutions for the environmentally friendly manufacture and recycling of Styropor®.


Circular Economy 

Circular economy means decoupling growth from resource consumption. BASF is driving circular economy by making the most of the limited resources of our planet: We keep them in use for as long as possible, minimize waste and create value with renewable resources.