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From Insulation Material to Packaging - Everything about Styropor®, Neopor® and Styrodur®

BASF's Styrenics unit manufactures styrene-based products for the construction and packaging industries - and has been doing so since 1951. 

In Europe, BASF is one of the largest suppliers of styrene-based products and distinguishes itself, among other things, by continuously developing its portfolio. Besides the styrenic foams - expandable polystyrenes (EPS) Styropor® and Neopor®, extruded polystyrene (XPS) Styrodur® as well as polystyrene and styrene - BASF now also offers product variants based on resource-saving manufacturing processes, the mass balance approach.

With ChemCycling® and the biomass balance approach (BMB), we use recycled or renewable raw materials. With these innovative ideas, we offer product solutions for the entire value chain of the construction and packaging industry that conserve fossil resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

EPS and the Circular Economy

Keeping the raw materials used in the cycle and reducing the use of fossil raw materials belong to BASF's overarching goals towards a circular economy.

You can see the role EPS plays
in this in the video here.


Packaging with Styropor®

No matter if television or kitchen appliance. With Styropor® your appliances are always well and safely packed. Styropor® also plays an important role in the transport of food or medical applications.


Circular Economy & Sustainability

With its styrenics products, BASF aims to achieve a closed sustainable product life cycle. In particular, innovative approaches such as the biomass balance approach (BMB) and ChemCycling® are intended to facilitate the long-term sustainable production and recycling of polystyrene products. 



The styrenic foams made of Neopor® and Styrodur® used for building insulation have outstanding thermal insulation properties. Versatile application options and extremely simple processing facilitate energy-efficient and modern construction.