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Solutions for a sustainable future

BASF has set ambitious targets for itself to become climate neutral. Already by 2030, we want to reduce our own greenhouse gas emissions worldwide by 25 percent1.

Despite the growth of our business, we are committed to have net zero own emissions by 20501.  


1 Scope 1 and Scope 2; 2030 target compared with 1990: 60% CO2 reduction

We aim at

doubling our circular sales

to reach €17 billion by 2030

We commit to use 

250,000 metric tons of recycled feedstock

by 2025 globally

We run a

Circular Economy Program

to accelerate
the transition

The re-invention of EPS

We use alternative raw materials to manufacture the same products in a more sustainable way

Since the invention of Styropor® more than 70 years ago, our experts at BASF have succeeded in improving expandable polystyrene (EPS). The further development Neopor® is established in the construction industry and insulation materials made of it make an important contribution to reducing CO2 emissions. With alternative manufacturing methods, we are reinventing EPS and offering solutions for a sustainable future.

Renewable feedstock

Biomass Balance

Derived from biomass waste of agricultural production, crop or food processing, or residues ​

Recycled feedstock


Mechanically recycled from EPS waste



Derived from post-consumer plastic waste or tires​

Our EPS product portfolio


Styropor® - The Classic

Styropor® an expandable polystyrene (EPS), was invented in 1951 by BASF and has become a classic among raw materials in the construction and packaging industry today. Styropor® offers a large product portfolio with a wide range of applications. Whether for efficient construction or shock absorption and moisture insensitive packaging of products.  


Neopor® - Sustainability you can build on

In 1997, BASF took a major step forward with regard to EPS: the classic Styropor® was enriched with particles of graphite and the insulation properties of the foam were therefore significantly improved. This became the powerful Neopor®.

Packaging Solutions

Styropor® P

Styropor® P Ccycled®

Styropor® P BMB

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Construction Solutions

Styropor® F



Low Carbon Neopor® BMB

Neopor® F5 Mcycled™

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Customer and recycling projects

With strong partners for the future of the EPS industry - together with our customers we develop innovations and continuously improve our EPS products.