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New alliance Smart Packaging Europe is now online!

Expanded polysytrene (EPS) industry launches "Smart Packaging Europe" campaign to raise awareness of the economic, social and environmental benefits of EPS packaging. 
The newly launched website of Smart Packaging Europe. 

An alliance of 18 European companies active in expanded polystyrene (EPS) raw materials, packaging manufacturing and recycling has launched an initiative—Smart Packaging Europe—to highlight the environmental, economic and social benefits of EPS packaging. The initiative comes as European policymakers and industry alike seek to incentivise more resource-efficient and circular packaging and to prevent negative impacts on the environment. Smart Packaging Europe aims to demonstrate that EPS not only has an essential role to play in the future European packaging market but is also the more environmentally friendly packaging solution for many applications. BASF supported the founding of the alliance intensively for months, additionally, Sven Heppes (Industry Affairs & Public Relations at BASF's Styrenics unit) is the campaign spokesperson.

The initiative currently consists of 18 members, with surely many more to come, who identify with a successful and sustainable EPS industry. “We want to make sure that European decision-makers understand the economic, social and environmental benefits of EPS packaging,” said Sven Heppes. “EPS is one of the most versatile, reliable and sustainable packaging materials around and plays a major role in the safe distribution of COVID-19 vaccines right in this moment,” he adds. Improving the image of EPS at European level and in the public by outlining the value of the packaging material is a key task of Smart Packaging Europe, which also closely cooperates with the European EPS association EUMEPS

More partnerships are listed on the newly created platform, which was officially launched on March 1st. Outreach to decision-makers at European level already started. “We aim to convince also other partners from the value chain to join the alliance because we believe in the future of EPS, most importantly at its 70 anniversary this year.”, said Sven Heppes.

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