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Read the latest news about innovative developments and applications with our original grey Neopor®, and news on the classic Styropor®.


One Million Tons of Neopor in Europe

In the beginning of 2017, Neopor® broke through an extraordinary barrier. Since it was launched on the market in 1998, more than one million tons of this BASF innovation have been sold in Europe by the company from its site in Ludwigshafen, Germany. Insulation made of Neopor® has been used in around five million homes all over Europe – thereby making a substantial contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

“We are delighted to have reached this milestone in cooperation with our customers. The silver-grey, high-quality Neopor® is the material of choice thanks to its significantly improved thermal conductivity compared with white EPS and is the safer, more economical, and more sustainable solution for the majority of applications. I would like to thank the entire team and, of course, our customers”, says Klaus Ries, Global Business Management Styrenic Foams.

Neopor® is also regularly used by architects and builders in Asia and North America. In addition to its location in Ludwigshafen, BASF has been operating a second production site in Seoul, South Korea, for around ten years.

Neopor® is the enhancement of the insulation classic Styropor®. With an improvement in insulation performance of up to 20 %, and therefore thinner boards, insulation made of Neopor® offers greater design freedom and retain more living space. Thanks to the reduced use of materials and consequently lower resource consumption, this grey EPS has proven to be both eco-efficient and cost-effective (further information is available at www.neopor.de).

The grey insulation boards set new quality standards that have been demonstrated by numerous reference projects all over Europe. With its broad product range, Neopor® is primarily used in exterior insulation (ETICS), interior insulation, blow fill insulation, and in flat roof insulation.

ETICS with Styropor® have proved their worth for more than 50 years. Insulation boards made of Neopor® ensure the outstanding performance of ETICS and have been the most widely used grey facade insulation boards in Europe for almost 20 years. More than 40 million laid square metres per year testify to its success.