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Read the latest news about innovative developments and applications with our original grey Neopor®, and news on the classic Styropor®.


Klimahouse 2018: Our Partners Present High-Performance Solutions Using Neopor®

With 35,000 visitors, Klimahouse 2018 – an international trade fair for energy-efficient building and renovation held in Bolzano, Italy – was a resounding success. At the event, a number of BASF’s customers demonstrated the great versatility of the graphitecontaining raw material Neopor®.


L’isolante presented Echoray®, which is made of Neopor®. This insulation board offers excellent noise-reducing properties (spring-mass system) thanks to its special surface structure and a subsequently applied plaster layer of around 8 millimetres.

Gruppo Poron informed visitors about Neodur, an insulation board made of Neopor® that is distinguished by low thermal conductivity and water absorption as well as high pressure resistance. As a result, Neodur is particularly suitable for insulating flooring, flat roofs, and pitched roofs.

Isolconfort presented ECO POR® G031, the first insulation board made of Neopor® with an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD S-P-00478). ECO POR® G031 is therefore ideal for buildings that need to comply with the strict eco-efficiency requirements of the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification system.

Sicilferro appeared with its product Air Crab®, a modular insulation system consisting of an insulation board and spacers made of Neopor®, designed to be used under floor slabs. This system prevents soil moisture levels from rising and provides ventilation.

Bioisotherm presented Argisol, an insulating concrete form (ICF) system made of Neopor®. These forms are filled with concrete to allow the construction of walls that are also thermally insulating.

Isotex® is the latest partner to rely on Neopor®. It exhibited insulating concrete forms made of woodchip concrete and featuring a thermally insulating core made of Neopor®.